Open and update various types of accounts.

ACH Profiles

Create, update, and verify account ACH profiles.


Manage deposit and withdrawal transactions on an account.


Fetch statements, tax documents and trade confirmations for customers.


Manage and test evented webhooks.

Virtual Accounts

Create and update paper trading accounts.

ACAT Transfers

Manage ACAT Transfers on an account.


Examples, response types, property details and explanations.

Advisor API

Tradier Advisor APIs were designed for registered entities to get up and running with their advisory or financial product without the need of complex clearing relationships and technology. Our brokerage and technical support teams will work with you through your launch and make sure you get to market as fast as possible.

Account Opening

Send new account applications for 7 different type of investment accounts. Asynchronous updates of the application approval process are sent to your platform in real-time.

Account Funding

Electronically establish ACH profiles using bank information and be ready to send transactions within a day. Use APIs to complete ACH deposits and withdrawals, as well as check withdrawals.


Give customers access to their statements, confirms, and tax documents with a secure and compliant workflow. We’ll also work with you regarding co-branding these documents and making sure customers get a great experience.

User and Account Data

You can fetch balances, positions, activity, orders using a user or account number. This allows you to make the most efficient use of the API. Electronically fetch and deliver co-branded statements and confirms.

Some features are only available to Tradier Partners and/or Tradier Advisors.


If you're interested in working with us to launch your advisor or platform, please contact us.