Once we’ve registered your business on our platform we’ll provide you with a consumer key and a consumer secret. In the future, OAuth may be worthwhile, however all Advisor API calls are currently authenticated using HTTP Basic Authentication with these 2 values.

Consumer key: kaGA65sIl79IdXxr3lnGs7J2C9CywQtJ
Consumer secret: ueeKzJOEh0fh6Dh8

The Authorization header is constructed as follows:

  1. Consumer Key and consumer secret are combined into a string “consumer key:consumer secret”.
  2. The resulting string literal is then encoded using Base64.
  3. The authorization method and a space, i.e. “Basic “ is then put before the encoded string.

For example, if the user agent uses ‘kaGA65sIl79IdXxr3lnGs7J2C9CywQtJ’ as the consumer key and ‘ueeKzJOEh0fh6Dh8’ as the consumer secret then the header is formed as follows:

1. kaGA65sIl79IdXxr3lnGs7J2C9CywQtJ:ueeKzJOEh0fh6Dh8
2. a2FHQTY1c0lsNzlJZFh4cjNsbkdzN0oyQzlDeXdRdEo6dWVlS3pKT0VoMGZoNkRoOA==
3. Authorization: Basic a2FHQTY1c0lsNzlJZFh4cjNsbkdzN0oyQzlDeXdRdEo6dWVlS3pKT0VoMGZoNkRoOA==

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