Details about how to obtain access tokens using OAuth 2.0

Fetch positions, balances and other account related details.

Place equity and complex option trades including advanced orders.

Fetch quotes, chains and historical data via REST and streaming APIs.

Stream market data and account events in real-time.

Create and update custom watchlists.

Examples, response types, property details and explanations.

Market data

Realtime data is available to all Tradier Brokerage account holders for US-based stocks and options. If you are not a Tradier Brokerage account holder we are unable to provide you with any realtime data solution.


We use standard symbols for most equities and ETFs. Options require the standard OCC symbology to be used. Investopedia has a good explanation of the symbol and its parts.

Warrants and preferred class (and other specialized) securities will use a / in replacement of a . which is sometimes used at other brokers. For example:

BRK.A should be BRK/A
BRK.B should be BRK/B
Note: There is a difference between option root and option underlying. For BRK/A options, the option root is still BRKA while the underlying security is BRK/A.

Realtime vs. Delayed

Realtime data is a pulled from a consolidated feed from all exchanges. Delayed data is constructed from the same feed but is delayed industry-standard 15 minutes.

Type Brokerage API Sandbox API
Equities Realtime Delayed
Options Realtime Delayed
Indices Delayed Not available
Mutual Funds Not Available Not Available
Greeks Hourly Not Available


Fundamentals data is available using Beta APIs. These APIs are only available to Tradier Brokerage account holders. We reserve the right to change Beta APIs without significant notification.


Greeks and volatility data has been included courtesy of the ORATS APIs. Please check out their full offering of in-depth options data at https://info.orats.com/dataapi.