Field Description
id Unique identifier for the order
type One of: market, limit, stop, stop_limit, debit, credit
symbol Security symbol or underlying security symbol
side One of: buy, buy_to_open, sell_to_open, sell_to_close
quantity Number of shares or contracts
status One of: open, partially_filled, filled, expired, canceled, pending, rejected, calculated, accepted_for_bidding, error, held
duration One of: day, pre, post, gtc
price Limit price
avg_fill_price Average fill price
exec_quantity Total number of shares/contracts filled
last_fill_price Last fill price
last_fill_quantity Last fill quantity
remaining_quantity Number of shares/contracts remaining
create_date Date the order was created
transaction_date Date the order was last updated
class One of: equity, option, combo, multileg
option_symbol OCC option symbol
stop Stop price