Our endpoints require SSL encryption (TLS 1.2) and SNI support. Each endpoint corresponds with a particular product or service. All requests should be made using HTTPS.

Brokerage API

You must have a Tradier Brokerage account, be a Tradier Partner, or Tradier Advisor to use these APIs.



Sandbox API

You must sign up for a Developer Sandbox account and create an application to use these APIs.



CORS Support

All Brokerage APIs (except OAuth exchanges) support CORS requests. That means you can make requests directly from a web browser without requiring a backend service. For more information about CORS and how you can use it in your applications, see the links below:


Tradier’s API is setup to be versioned via path parameter. Versioning is something we’ll use at our discretion and we’ll communicate adequately in advance of breaking-changes or sunsetting versions. Note that there is a beta version that is present for the fundamental market data APIs.