Details about how to obtain access tokens using OAuth 2.0

Fetch positions, balances and other account related details.

Place equity and complex option trades including advanced orders.

Fetch quotes, chains and historical data via REST and streaming APIs.

Stream market data and account events in real-time.

Create and update custom watchlists.

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HTTP Streaming

HTTP Streaming involves the process of opening an HTTP connection that does not close. Instead, data is continually transmitted to the HTTP client in “chunks” which can be parsed and processed. The value of an HTTP stream (as opposed to a raw TCP or binary stream) is the inherent convenience of using a well established protocol, built-in encryption, and battle-tested clients are readily available.

As long as data is flowing across the HTTP connection, the HTTP request will stay open. If you’re streaming very inactive symbols and don’t receive data for 15 minutes, the session will close automatically.

It is critical to implement reconnection logic into your streaming interface. There are many things that might cause an HTTP connection to close and solid reconnect logic will ensure you continue to receive data.