Details about how to obtain access tokens using OAuth 2.0

Fetch positions, balances and other account related details.

Place equity and complex option trades including advanced orders.

Fetch quotes, chains and historical data via REST and streaming APIs.

Stream market data and account events in real-time.

Create and update custom watchlists.

Examples, response types, property details and explanations.


Here you can find a list of open-source and supporting libraries for the Tradier API.



  • LumiBot Lumibot is a fast library that will allow you to easily create trading robots for many different asset classes, including Stocks, Options, Futures, FOREX, and more. (documentation)
  • lumiwealth-tradier A Python package that serves as a wrapper for the Tradier brokerage API, simplifying the process of making API requests, handling responses, and performing various trading and account management operations. (documentation)
  • uvatradier A Python wrapper for the Tradier API built by Tom Hammons and students at the University of Virginia (documentation)
  • python-tradier Python client for the Tradier API.
  • TradierClient .NET API Client for Tradier API
  • AndroidTradier Android wrapper library for the Tradier API
  • PyTradier A Python library for interfacing with Tradier.com’s trading API (documentation)
  • tradier-dotnet-client Modern .NET API Client for Tradier API (documentation)

If you have built (or are thinking of building) a library that interfaces with the Tradier API, let us know so we can list it on this page for others to use. Thanks!

Note: These libraries are not presently supported or endorsed by Tradier. They are provided as-is and the use of which is solely at the user's discretion.