Details about how to obtain access tokens using OAuth 2.0

Fetch positions, balances and other account related details.

Place equity and complex option trades including advanced orders.

Fetch quotes, chains and historical data via REST and streaming APIs.

Stream market data and account events in real-time.

Create and update custom watchlists.

Examples, response types, property details and explanations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to service and support representatives of the Tradier API. If you have a question and can’t find your answer here, feel free to reach out to us using the support form or email at techsupport@tradier.com.

  • Can I access streaming in the paper trading environment?
    Presently, we do not offer a delayed streaming endpoint for paper trading.

  • Can I distribute my application?
    Unless you are a Tradier Partner, Tradier APIs are entitled for personal use only. If you would like to become a Tradier Partner, please contact us at using our contact form.

  • Do you get data from [insert foreign exchange here]?
    We presently support US-based equities and options data only. This includes US-based ETFs.

  • Do you offer Level 2 data?
    We offer Level 1 data only.

  • Do you offer after-market trading?
    Yes, you can send pre or post durations to trade during pre/post market sessions.

  • How much time is the delayed data delayed?
    We delay our market data the industy standard 15-minutes.

  • I am getting an error from the API. Can you help?
    Yes we can! However, most error messages from our API are descriptive enough to give you an idea of what's going on. If you want us to take a look, please send the error response and the API request URL to techsupport@tradier.com.

  • Tokens expire in 24 hours, but I need continuous access.
    That's not a question, but if you need continuous access without a user continually authorizing your application, we can enable refresh tokens for your application. There is an approval process, so please email techsupport@tradier.com.

  • What does it cost to use your API?
    We don't charge Tradier Brokerage account holders for API access to their account.

  • What does this error mean: 'invalid api call as no apiproduct match found'?
    Most likely, you're attempting call production APIs with a paper trading access token.

  • Where can I find my OAuth key/secret?
    If you're a Tradier Partner, you can find this information on your organization dashboard. If you're a Tradier Brokerage user, OAuth is not enabled for this type of API access as it is available for personal use only.

  • Where is paper trading?
    All Tradier Brokerage account holders can create a paper trading account from within Tradier Dash.

  • Will you increase the rate-limits for my application?
    Most likely not. The rate-limits have proven to be loose enough to promote innovation without being too restrictive.

  • Will your API work with [insert language here]?
    If your language can make HTTP requests, it can connect to the Tradier API.