Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to service and support representatives of the Tradier API. If you have a question and can’t find your answer here, feel free to reach out to us using the support form or email at

  • Can I access streaming in the Developer Sandbox?
    Presently, we do not offer a delayed streaming endpoint for the Developer Sandbox.

  • Can I distribute my application?
    Unless you are a Tradier Partner, Tradier APIs are entitled for personal use only. If you would like to become a Tradier Partner, please contact us at using our contact form.

  • Do you offer Level 2 data?
    We offer Level 1 data only.

  • Do you offer after-market trading?
    Yes, you can send pre or post durations to trade during pre/post market sessions.

  • How do I test trading?
    You can use order previews to ensure your code is working properly. Until paper trading is available this is the only mechanism to test without funding your account.

  • How much time is the delayed data delayed?
    We delay our market data the industy standard 15-minutes.

  • Tokens expire in 24 hours, but I need continuous access.
    That's not a question, but if you need continuous access without a user continually authorizing your application, we can enable refresh tokens for your application. There is an approval process, so please email

  • What does it cost to use your API?
    We don't charge Tradier Brokerage account holders for API access to their account or Developer Sandbox developers for access to delayed data.

  • Where can I find my OAuth key/secret?
    If you're a Tradier Partner, you can find this information on your organization dashboard. If you're a Tradier Brokerage account holder or Developer Sandbox user, OAuth is not enabled for this type of API access as it is available for personal use only.

  • Where is paper trading?
    It's coming. It has been for a while and will be generally available soon™.

  • Will you increase the rate-limits for my application?
    Most likely not. The rate-limits have proven to be loose enough to promote innovation without being too restrictive.

  • Will your API work with [insert language here]?
    If your language can make HTTP requests, it can connect to the Tradier API.