Getting Started

Due to various regulatory and compliance decisions account documents, such as statements and confirms cannot be delivered-by-proxy. These documents must be sent directly to the customer.

In order to satisfy this requirement while creating a clean customer experience we’ve built the following document delivery workflow.

1. Show the user their documents Using the Get Documents endpoint you can fetch a list of documents available for a customer’s account. The default timeframe to return documents is the previous 6 months but you may request documents for any time window.

2. Request delivery of a document Make a request to the Deliver Documents endpoint to request delivery to the customer. You may request delivery of a single document at a time.

3. Customer receives document link via email Once the Deliver Documents endpoint is requested successfully. We will email the customer with a link to their document.

Document links expire!

Document links will only be available for 5 minutes after which the link will expire and a new delivery must be requested.