Open and update various types of accounts.

ACH Profiles

Create, update, and verify account ACH profiles.


Manage deposit and withdrawal transactions on an account.


Fetch statements, tax documents and trade confirmations for customers.


Manage and test evented webhooks.

Virtual Accounts

Create and update paper trading accounts.

ACAT Transfers

Manage ACAT Transfers on an account.


Examples, response types, property details and explanations.

Getting Started

Due to various regulatory and compliance decisions account documents, such as statements and confirms cannot be delivered-by-proxy. These documents must be sent directly to the customer.

In order to satisfy this requirement while creating a clean customer experience we’ve built the following document delivery workflow.

1. Show the user their documents Using the Get Documents endpoint you can fetch a list of documents available for a customer’s account. The default timeframe to return documents is the previous 6 months but you may request documents for any time window.

2. Request delivery of a document Make a request to the Deliver Documents endpoint to request delivery to the customer. You may request delivery of a single document at a time.

3. Customer receives document link via email Once the Deliver Documents endpoint is requested successfully. We will email the customer with a link to their document.

Document links expire!

Document links will only be available for 5 minutes after which the link will expire and a new delivery must be requested.