Open and update various types of accounts.

ACH Profiles

Create, update, and verify account ACH profiles.


Manage deposit and withdrawal transactions on an account.


Fetch statements, tax documents and trade confirmations for customers.


Manage and test evented webhooks.

Virtual Accounts

Create and update paper trading accounts.

ACAT Transfers

Manage ACAT Transfers on an account.


Examples, response types, property details and explanations.

Getting Started

Setting up an ACH profile is the easiest way for customers to fund their accounts. ACH profiles are linked directly to customer bank accounts allowing them to make deposits and withdrawals between their brokerage account and their bank.

One ACH Profile per account

We do not allow multiple ACH profiles to be active and linked to a single account.

We currently support the following methods of ACH verification:

  • Microdeposits MICRO_DEPOSITS
    Microdeposits are used to verify that the customer has access to the bank account for the profile. Two small deposits are made in the account and the customer will be asked to verify the amounts before being allowed to initiate any transactions.

  • Plaid PLAID
    Plaid is used to fetch and verify the customer information. In order to open an ACH profile you must use two products from Plaid: Auth and Identity. Once you retrieve this data from Plaid, you will need to send us the JSON payload in the meta field when creating the ACH profile. Our operations team will review the data and approve/reject the profile.

We'll be adding more verification methods to make creating ACH profiles even easier!