Open and update various types of accounts.

ACH Profiles

Create, update, and verify account ACH profiles.


Manage deposit and withdrawal transactions on an account.


Fetch statements, tax documents and trade confirmations for customers.


Manage and test evented webhooks.

Virtual Accounts

Create and update paper trading accounts.

ACAT Transfers

Manage ACAT Transfers on an account.


Examples, response types, property details and explanations.

Foreign Applications

Opening a foreign account through the API requires some additional steps to complete the process. More specifically, document images need to be uploaded to verify identification and signatures.

These documents must be uploaded prior to application approval.

Required Images

  • Identification - an active government ID, such as a passport.
  • Signature - an image of the customers signature, either digitally captured or a photo of the signature on paper.

Application Flow

  1. Collect user details, including picture of ID and signature.
  2. Submit the application.
  3. Using the application ID, upload documents using Document upload API
  4. Once application reaches VERIFIED state, it will be reviewed and approved.