Please note that some fields are only present in an option quote. These fields are only relevant to options.

Field Description
symbol Security symbol
description Security detailed name or description
exch Exchange code of the security
type Type, one of: stock, option, etf, index, mutual_fund
last Last price
change Change (in dollars)
volume Current day's volume
open Open price of the current session
high High price of the current session
low Low price of the current session
close Close price of the current session
bid Bid price
ask Ask price
underlying Underlying security of the option (if applicable)
strike Strike price of the option (if applicable)
change_percentage Change (in percent)
average_volume Average volume of the security
last_volume Volume of the last price
trade_date Most recent trade date
prevclose Previous close price
week_52_high 52 week high price
week_52_low 52 week low price
bidsize Size of bid (in hundreds)
bidexch Bid exchange code
bid_date Date of bid price
asksize Size of ask (in hundreds)
askexch Ask exchange code
ask_date Date of ask price
open_interest Open interest in option (if applicable)
contract_size Size of the option contract (typically 100)
expiration_date Expiration date of option (if applicable)
expiration_type Expiration type of option (if applicable)
option_type Type of the option, one of: put, call
root_symbols Comma-delimited list of option root symbols for an underlier
root_symbol Root symbol of the option (if applicable)
greeks.delta Delta
greeks.gamma Gamma
greeks.theta Theta
greeks.vega Vega
greeks.rho Rho
greeks.phi Phi
greeks.bid_iv Bid implied volatility
greeks.mid_iv Mid implied volatility
greeks.ask_iv Ask implied volatility
greeks.smv_vol ORATS final implied volatility
greeks.updated_at Date volatility data was last updated